History of Chiropractic

The first chiropractic adjustment was given on September 18, 1895.  This adjustment was not for a headache nor low back pain—it gave a deaf man his hearing back.  D.D. Palmer isolated a vertebra in Harvy Lillard’s spine and adjusted it back to textbook normal.  For 15 years previous to that adjustment, Harvy was a deaf man.  Days later he could hear all because of one chiropractic adjustment.  D.D. Palmer then went on to form the chiropractic profession as well as the first chiropractic school, Palmer College of Chiropractic, which is still open today in Davenport, Iowa.

D.D. Palmer’s son, B.J. Palmer D.C., Ph.C. took what his dad had done and continued to develop the profession.  He built some of the most state-of-the-art facilities that he used to quantify and qualify chiropractic care and develop the scientific nature of this profession.

Walter V. Pierce, Sr. D.C., Ph.C. introduced even more science and specificity into chiropractic.  He was the first to use motion x-ray and developed the single probe DermaThermaGraph.  Dr. Pierce developed the Pierce RESULTS System for locating and correcting vertebral subluxations.  This system was possible because of Dr. Pierce’s work in determining what a “normal” spine looks and functions like.  By qualifying what normal is, we may now objectively correct patient’s spines to a state of proper structure and function.  The Pierce RESULTS System is the system used exclusively at our office.